Video: Pod Of Dolphins Spotted In Gardiners Bay

In the middle of Gardiner’s Bay, I saw a pod of dolphins jumping out of the water, right next to my sailboat on Sunday around 4 p.m. At first I didn’t believe it, as I’ve never seen dolphins in Gardiner’s Bay before, so I started to scan the water, waiting for them to jump out again for air. And that they did, this time about fifty yards from my boat.

I let go of the tiller which sent the sailboat into a circle, and jumped into the cabin to grab my iPhone to use the camera. Then I jumped back into the cockpit and turned the engine on and kept looking for the dolphins.

The camera on the iPhone has a terrible zoom, but I was able to get a little video footage of the dolphins jumping out of the water. I tried following them around, but would have to guess which direction they were headed in, and at one point, I was heading west, and they popped out of the water heading east.

It’s very rare to see dolphins in Gardiner’s Bay, and when I got back home and told the story to another boater, he told me that they were probably up here because the water has been warmer than usual this time of year, but that he wasn’t sure about it.


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