A Long Island Artist’s Secrets Revealed

Yvonne Dagger has a secret. It will explain the personal passion in her paintings, how they invite the viewer in for a deeper look even into a seemingly simple scene. And the East End artist is going to reveal said secret now.

“I view the world around me—the seasons, the colors, shapes and the beauty that is part of my world as an artist,” says Dagger, one of the fine artists who will be at the Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Show & Cocktail Party on Saturday, August 20.  “I work from life, photographs and the stories that my eye sees and my ears hear. This is all reflected on the canvas.”

Here are a few other secrets Dagger reflects upon before we all head to the art show (and we know you don’t want to miss it!). [expand]

She Doesn’t Always Know the End of Her Stories

At this time of the year, I enjoy creating narrative works of art.  In my “Bus Series” of paintings, each tells a story in the picture plane. The viewer is left in wonderment. Where is this person going? Is she on her way home or beginning her day? The mother watching a child go off on the school bus…“Training Lessons” tells a story of what happens when we face a new experience in life. Is this the first school bus ride for the child? How does the mother feel? How does the viewer feel about new experiences, does it conjure up some emotions within? The viewer decides how the story unfolds.

She Has an Oscar…Sort Of

To have my work featured as a cover on Dan’s Papers is like receiving the Academy Award! It’s an honor and a privilege to be chosen for a cover. It literally took me years of submissions to get my first cover. Then one day out of the blue, an email appeared saying something like, “We have chosen your work for a cover. Please send a High Resolution 300 dpi Image. Marion Woldberg Weiss will be contacting you for an interview for Dan’s Papers.” It was a humbling and treasured moment in my life. A dream come true. Five covers later, I still feel the exact same way every time I receive an email with those words in it.

She Knows How Lucky She Is

“I love the seasons, especially here on Long Island. We have such wonderful resources. We have the best of all worlds. To the west we have New York City—the cultural capital of the world. To the east we have vineyards and farmlands as far as the eyes can tell. All of this surrounded by the bay and the ocean. How fortunate I feel to live here and be inspired by the everyday things that surround me.”

She’ll Push the Envelope

I have always wanted to learn the art of glass blowing. That has always interested me. Recently, within the last year or so, I have worked with fused glass and sea glass, incorporating them in small works of art in shadow boxes. I love working with glass and enamel.

Cola- Fused Glass & Sea Glass Mixed Media Glass Works by Yvonne Dagger
Cola—Fused Glass & Sea Glass Mixed Media Glass Works by Yvonne Dagger

She Makes a Difference

I am a Volunteer Puppy Raiser and Vice President of the Long Island Chapter of Canine Companions for Independence. My passion for the welfare of all animals has always been a very big part of my life. This passion brought me to painting shelter dog and cat portraits, which Martha Stewart has added to her website.

She Doesn’t Go It Alone

It has always been an integral part of my life as an artist to be a part of such a talented and creative group of artists. I feel that the best thing about having so many artists here is the networking and social aspect of being an artist. It helps to keep me current with the art world while I learn and gather information from my fellow Long Island East End artists.  The danger of being an artist is becoming isolated in a studio. I am mindful of this and welcome the camaraderie of the Long Island Artist East End Community. That I feel is a very important component and one I adhere to with earnest.

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