After Difficult Guests

Perform the following ritual to calm yourself when dealing with intense emotional family issues or other difficult issues. By ridding yourself of this excess emotional energy, you will allow your mind and body to stay healthy.

Individuals who have strong emotions or repressed negative feelings or are easily stressed are like magnets in attracting or creating negative energy. This is a good example of how negative or difficult people who come into your personal space can create a dense, dark feeling even after they’ve gone. To ensure that the imprint of your home is back to one of harmony and love, spray a mixture of lavender oil and water all around the room where the difficulty happened. Say the following:

This doorstep, with its welcome ways,
be guarded by angelic rays.
Please guard this home by day and night;
Protect it with your love and light.
Ring a bell or clap your hands to energize your ritual.

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