Dan’s Art Show Welcomes Archie Comic Artist Stan Goldberg

Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg at Dan's Papers

Betty or Veronica. It’s a timeless debate, as heated as Democrat or Republican, white wine or red wine, briefs or boxers. But you won’t get Stan Goldberg, flagship artist for Archie Comics, to take sides.

“As long as people are still debating it, I’m happy,” Goldberg says with a laugh. “People still love them both.” Count us among that group of long-time admirers. Veronica and Betty, along with Archie and Jughead, even graced the cover of Dan’s Papers in October of 1995, when Goldberg drew inspiration from one of the early Hamptons International Film Festivals and Dan Rattiner to create a classic work of pop-culture cross-pollination.

You can meet Goldberg—who also worked at Marvel Comics with Stan Lee on Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and other classic comics—at the Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Show on August 20, where he will be an honored guest and join a who’s who of other top Hamptons artists displaying original creations. Goldberg’s original Dan’s Papers cover sketch will be on display at the show, but you can do much more than marvel at it. You can own it—the sketch will be part of a silent auction including some of the finest art from the East End.

“It’s a great event with great artists, and it helps a great cause,” says Goldberg, who has a home and studio in Hampton Bays. “There’s nothing better than that.”

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