Darrell Hammond Suing Over Hamptons Car Crash

Eli Wallach, Darrell Hammond (Plays Truman Capote), Anne Jackson
Eli Wallach, Darrell Hammond (Plays Truman Capote), Anne Jackson

Looks like Darrell Hammond really got hurt after that car crash in June. Let’s hope he gets better—I really love this guy.

According to both The New York Post and The New York Daily News a negligence suit has been filed in Manhattan.

Hammond, the Saturday Night Live Star that we’ve all come to know and love, is suing the driver of a vehicle involved in a crash with a car in which Hammond was traveling over the summer. Hammond reportedly had to cancel his last performance of “Tru” at Bay Street Theatre because of injuries to his ribs and back reportedly sustained in the crash on June 25 in Sag Harbor.

According to the suit, the accident has reportedly caused our favorite Bill Clinton impersonator to miss a number of performances because he is unable to stand for long periods of time, which is very much required when performing stand-up acts and shows.


Hammond was the passenger in a Toyota rental driven by a friend when the accident occurred with a 2007 Nissan on Noyac Road.

I interviewed Darrell Hammond once when he came out here and he was one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever spoken to. Sadly, it would seem that we won’t be able to see Hammond live onstage any time soon. But when in need of a laugh, you can always find some of his best SNL clips online. Below is my favorite.

I don’t think any Saturday Night Live skits have made me laugh harder than the “Celebrity Jeopardy” routines where Hammond impersonates Sean Connery. “ROUGH. JUST THE WAY YOUR MOTHER LIKES IT, TREBEK!!!”

This guy kills me. Feel better, Darrell!



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