Harassing Celebrities in the Hamptons Is Not Good for the Hamptons

Hamptons Hero Jerry Seinfeld was in Sag Harbor last week at LT Burger getting some lunch with his kids when he was approached by a young girl who asked if she could take his picture, according to the New York Post.

Reportedly Seinfeld at first pretended that he didn’t hear the girl and then said “No” and turned away from her when she asked again. Jerry Seinfeld’s rep stated that “Jerry is fine taking pictures, except when he’s with his kids.”

For those of you that think that Jerry was the jerk in this situation, you better get your heads screwed on straight. Everybody that is local knows a celebrity or two out here, and everybody knows that it is inappropriate to ask them for their picture when they are doing something private, like having lunch or going to the movies. It’s not good for the Hamptons to treat celebrities out here like we are in Los Angeles. If you want to get a picture with a celebrity, then go to one of the many events out here that they attend where pictures are expected to be taken. But while they are having lunch? RUDE!

Celebrities are important to this area and come out here to escape from that kind of thing, so don’t make such a big deal about it when you see someone. Besides, being a celebrity isn’t a big deal here because being in the Hamptons, by default, automatically means that you are a celebrity. Everybody knows that.




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