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Marc Zowine Rocked My Hair!

“I’m a cave girl.” This is how I explain myself when I face a new hair care professional in the mirror of a salon. I go on to explain, “I wash my hair a couple times a week, I brush it slightly. I let my part fall where it will. I don’t know where my blow dryer is at home.”

Disbelief and horror are the typical reactions I get to these statements.

Recently I spent a morning at Fay Teller Salon in Bridgehampton. When I made my above introductory  statements to hair stylist Marc Zowine he seemed amused and actually quite pleased that I don’t fuss over my part. This man embraces challenges.

I gave him permission to cut and color as he saw fit and when he first started touching my hair I thought to myself, “Oh, these are knowing hands.” I had that same thought again when I first rested my head back for a shampoo.

He cut my hair while we both stood in the salon—like he was a sculptor. This man is a sculptor! I’ve never had a better cut or better color or so many compliments on my hair!

Twice late in the process I exclaimed, “I always thought women with hair that looks like this had much better hair than I do!” It was great to have that bubble burst.

Zowine talked about how he was styling my hair and how I could easily do it for myself at home. There was no lecture given on the evils of home coloring. He cut and colored my hair expertly so that all I need do to make it look fab is to work in a tiny amount of Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream and dry it with a diffuser on my blow dryer. It does look almost as good as when “the master” did it for me.

Zowine has a particular approach to color for summer hair—he uses highlights to mimic the affects of the sun on hair. It looks completely natural!

Where did this man come from? New York, of course. (By way of Italy and Buffalo.) This year Zowine decided to rent a beach cottage and work in the Hamptons two days a week. He says all he needs is within a block—the salon, his favorite exercise classes and some great restaurants. Plus many of his established clients are here like Katie Couric, Mariska Hargitay and Mariah Carey.

Zowine is a self-proclaimed foodie, so we chatted about local bounty. I promised to let him know when I found the best lobster while out reviewing restaurants. (South Edison’s Lobster Roll is a contender.)

Zowine also has a high-rise salon with breathtaking views of the city where he sees clients several days a week. Town and country, this man is a “hairstylist to the stars” for good reason. Just look at my hair!

The Beautiful Result!

And there’s more – my beautiful hair inspired me to make a long overdue appointment for a mani-pedi and then the long-overdue facial. I also went shopping for new earrings and came home with…a whole new outfit!

Marc Zowine 917-597-2491.

Fay Teller Salon, 19 Corwith Avenue, Bridgehampton. 631-537-3393. 

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