Restaurant Review: The Inn Spot on the Bay

The Inn Spot on the Bay
The Inn Spot on the Bay

In 2004, Colette Connor and Pam Wolfert opened a bed and breakfast in Hampton Bays called The Inn Spot on the Bay, which includes a restaurant that is open to the public.

Wolfert prepares the meals for the brunch portion of the day and Connor is the chef for the dinner menu at the restaurant. The Inn Spot on the Bay takes pride in their brunch, which is open until 3 p.m. It offers a wide variety of breakfast options as well as many lunch choices. There are also specials on the menu, which got my guests excited for this meal after our morning of shark diving nearby.

The patio overlooking the bay seemed to be right out of a movie. Some guests were seated on the grass in relaxing beach chairs until their food was served. [expand]

After taking a look at the menu, my boyfriend Nick ordered the pink lemonade, which he described as having the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Meanwhile, his sister Colleen and I had the unsweetened iced green tea, a relaxing drink after our morning adventure. For appetizers we enjoyed the crab cakes, which were served with a remoulade sauce; and calamari, lightly fried and tender. It came with a medley of sauces – an aioli, sesame soy and marinara, so colorful on the plate!

My guests and I knew what we would order for our entrees until the specials were announced. As soon as we heard Banana Pancakes with a Sautéed Banana Spread, we knew that had to be an addition to our meal. Along with these pancakes, we ordered the club sandwich with poached chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon and mayo on white toast. Finally, we ordered the Lobster B.L.T. with lettuce, tomato, bacon and an avocado aioli on country white bread.

Once Colleen heard about the pancakes, she was all aboard. The pancakes were light and fluffy, with bananas baked right in. However, what really made this dish was the homemade caramel sauce, made from the juices and pan drippings of the sautéed banana, along with other ingredients to sweeten it.

The club sandwich had an equal amount of hardy chicken and fresh vegetables with a great taste of the bacon, all served with pita chips, which I realized were perfect for dipping in the pancakes’ caramel sauce!

Nick’s Lobster B.L.T. was loaded with lobster, and the avocado aioli gave the sandwich a delicious twist. It was creamy and added additional flavor to the already jam-packed flavor of the lobster sandwich.

After this delicious meal filled with flavor and stuffed from the variety, we asked for a surprise as dessert. Connor must have known chocolate is my fave because she definitely delivered with this dessert. Out came the chocolate Gateau Coulant. This almost flourless chocolate cake was served with homemade ice cream and a fruit coulis. If it sounds like a perfect ending to a delicious meal, it absolutely was.

The Inn Spot on the Bay does catering and holds many weddings on-site; the picturesque bay is the perfect “in spot” for any lucky bride and groom.

The Inn Spot on the Bay, 32 Lighthouse Rd., Hampton Bays, 631-728-1200,

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