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Amazing 9/11 Book

The book “9.11…NYC…The Days After…” just came across my desk this morning, and it is extremely powerful. Published by Art for Healing NYC, it is filled with photographs, poetry, and paintings all created after 9/11, and it instantly inspired me. There are more than 100 different entries of individual works that are nothing short of amazing. There are dedications by family members of those who were killed during the attack. The pictures are incredible, the artwork stunning. The poetry is simply beautiful.

As I was thumbing through it, I read the poem “New York City’s Bravest” by Pamela Sartini of Staten Island.

Driven by the spirit of God and the fire within, duty called, luring you in

Not a moment of hesitation in your mind must rescue others, there’s people to find.

The courage and strength that you possess, every day being put to the test.

New York City’s Bravest, they’re called for a reason, ready to help, no matter the season.

The world looks upon you with astounding respect. It’s a mystery how these men could show no neglect.

Your endless commitment and determination, will reamin a model for the entire nation.

A day filled with horror and disgust – we will live on and remember in God’s trust.

Nearly all of the works in 9.11…NYC…The Days After… are as powerful as the one above. The book is small, only 120 pages, but it is filled with so much passion that it nearly bursts out of the seams. Below are a few of my favorite photos from the book and a video that show’s you just what I saw as I was flipping through some of the pages. This is a great book to bring to your favorite Hamptons beach and reflect as we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11.


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