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Whoa, MTK Festival Cancelled

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little sad and a little angry that the MTK Music Festival has officially been cancelled. The show, which had a line up of dozens of indie bands, was cancelled due to low ticket sales and also due to competition from the Escape to New York Concert which was in competition with the festival for party goers.

At least that is what everybody is saying.

But I think what this is really about is a lack of people supporting others in East Hampton. The Town of East Hampton couldn’t have been more difficult in allowing this festival to happen where it could really be something, and from the get go, they made the producers of the festival not want to be there. This happens all too often when it comes to positive things in our community. We should be embracing festivals like this, not trying to stop them. I’m sure a group of people are very happy about helping stop a live concert from happening, and that’s a real shame.

The festival made a public statement about the cancellation. ““It is with heavy, heavy heart that we regret to inform you that the inaugural MTK: Music To Know Festival in East Hampton will not take place. Despite our unique vision and arranging a world-class line-up, ticket sales were not adequate to allow the event to continue. We wanted to let everyone know now before engaging more deeply.

Along with our ticket holders, vendors, sponsors, business associates, colleagues and friends in the community, we too are filled with deep disappointment. We pledge to endure during this difficult time with the same integrity and professionalism displayed throughout the creation of this event. Ticket holders should check for more information.

Most Humbly, Music to Know LLC.””

This kind of thing shouldn’t happen. We need to praise people that organize events that raise money for charity, not try to get rid of them.

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