Ask the Expert: Masonry Mastery

Hampton Brick Works

Summer has ended, which means it’s time to prepare for the future and get ready for the spring and summer of 2012—and they’ll be upon us before you know it. Your masonrypatios, chimneys, walkways, driveways—is an important aspect of home maintenance and repair to consider now. We turned to our friends at Hampton Brick Works Pool & Spa for some expert insights.

The Question: What type of masonry work should I be thinking about prior to winter?

The Answer from Hampton Brick Works Pool & Spa: Take the time now to focus on re-pointing your masonry—filling in cracks or missing joints—to prevent future problems like settling, heaving, etc. and make your masonry landscaping aesthetically pleasurable. Winter can do a lot of damage when cracks in your masonry are evident. Water can seep into the cracks then freeze, causing expansion and making matters worse. You put a great deal of value into your home, and maintenance is a large part of keeping the value. In the long run, you are saving both time and money with preventative maintenance.

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