Bank of America IS GOING TO DO WHAT???!!!

Everything was going fine on my last day in San Gimignano, Italy until I just found out that Bank of America is going to charge me five dollars a month in order for me to use my debit card.

This is a joke right? They can’t be serious. Have things gotten that bad at this bank? Are they that greedy?

Apparently, yes it is and yes they are.

Bank of America is in the proverbial financial toilet so bad, that they are desperate for any way to drain more money from their customers and for the first time in my life, I’m seriously considering leaving this bank. What’s next, $5 a month to use the online banking service? I SHOULDN’T BE GIVING OUT ANY IDEAS!

I have been using the same Bank of America in East Hampton ever since I got an account there at 12 years old on Newtown Lane. At that time, it was called Fleet Bank until it was changed to Bank of America in a merger. Since then, nearly all of the major banks have merged, decreasing competition and, well as you can see, decreasing the ability for major banks to make wise decisions, or at least decisions that don’t have to do with them going to the United States Government and saying to them, “Please sir, may I have some more?”

Nickel and diming people ain’t going to solve your problems Bank of America. ‘What the hell is wrong with you?

My friends know not to get me started on how angry I am about the global economy and the leading fiat currencies. I start yelling so much that I need water by the end of the conversation.

$5??? FOR A DEBIT CARD? Ugh, it disgusts me. I’m literally disgusted by this news. It’s just one more thing that people are being charged for that used to be free and quite frankly its things like this that are destroying things, not helping them. I swear, sometimes I think that one day we are going to be charged every month for breathing air.

The principal of this fee really makes me very angry.

It’s been 17 years Bank of America, I’ve been a customer for 17 years, and up until now, nothing that you have done in that 17 years has pissed me off this much. Not even your ridiculous $10 charges for automatic withdraw from savings to checkings when I overdraw. I rely heavily on my BoA credit card, I even buy cups of coffee with it.

But for the first time in 17 years, I’m researching on how to leave BoA for another bank.


And as a side note, this is the nail in the coffin possibly, YOU MADE ME AGREE WITH FOX NEWS!!!!


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