All I can say is, YES! This is the first day that I’ve felt some official Fall weather. Last night we got that crisp cool weather, we could turn the air-conditioning off, snuggle up underneath the covers and get some sleep. This morning, it was time to break out the Fall gear, with some sweaters, boots and jeans.

I think that the best time of year to be in the Hamptons is the Fall. Especially exactly this time of year, mid September. There are still people coming out on weekends so you don’t feel like you are living on Alaska Sub-Station Zero, you can walk outside without being drenched in sweat, and you can cruise through the streets traffic free. It’s just perfect. Get ready folks, WINTER IS GETTING CLOSE!

AND THERE’S HOT CHOCOLATE. OH MY GOD THERE IS  FALL WEATHER TODAY AND THERE IS HOT CHOCOLATE PEOPLE! (I’m crazy about Hampton Coffee Hot Chocolate and Sylvester and Co. hot chocolate).

One of my favorite Fall things to do out here this time of year is to check out the vineyards on the North Fork and to check out Wolffer Estates. There is nothing like enjoying a glass of red wine in a warm vineyard when it is crisp outside. This is also a great time of year to go through the hiking trails in Southampton and East Hampton. If you are up for it, a hike through Montauk at Camp Hero is epic this time of year.

Also, apple picking is on this time of year, and there is no place better to do that than the Milk Pail in Watermill. If you have kids or a niece or nephew to bring with you, even better, it’s tons of fun.

If you have a fishing boat (or sail boat like I do) this weekend is among the last weekends that you’ll be able to take your boat out comfortably, so get on it.

Is anybody else as pumped as I am that it is Fall? Isn’t this great? Fresh air! It’s amazing. Everything outdoors becomes more appealing to me this time of year because you can gear up with some fresh clothes and get out on an adventure.

How are you enjoying your Fall day? And weekend for that matter?


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