Who You Gonna Call? “Haunted House” Sells In East Hampton

Since I am personally a mega fan of the movie “Ghostbusters“, I found it pretty darn interesting that there are some rich Hamptonites out there that still believe in ghosts.

A home in East Hampton at 52 Middle Lane that the same street as the Ted Ammon murder and is the location of where antiques dealer Barton Kaplan was found dead in the pool, face down, just sold for $9.2 million. The price was way below the asking price of nearly $20 million in 2006, but then again, who these days is getting the asking prices of 2006?

It seems that these days, you can use anything as a bargaining tool!

Kaplan, who was gay, had a partner named Sam Wagner who used to openly say that the house was haunted by Kaplan. He complained that the lights would oddly go on and off as well as the faucets in the house. Apparently, it was such a powerful force that he is currently writing a screenplay about it.

Either this is all true, or it is an extremely desperate publicity stunt to get his screenplay some attention.

Nothing like a good ghost story!


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