5 Healthy Habit Changes

It’s a season of change in the Hamptons. The weather is changing. Fall foliage is changing. And if you’re wondering how you’re going to stay fit during harvest time and the coming holiday season, then your habits are going to have to start changing, too. Susan Pierce, owner of The Firm Fitness and one of the top experts on health and wellness on the East End of Long Island, has five simple habit-changing tips for your continued health and fitness success. [expand]

Habit Change 1, Move at Least 30 Minutes a Day: If you’re not moving your body at least 30 minutes every day, then this is your number one habit change. Sitting at a desk all day and not moving at least for 30 minutes your metabolism slows and you’re not burning any calories to offset the food you eat. Take a walk on the beach, do jumping jacks, take a fitness class or join the gym…and move!

Habit Change 2, Cut White Carbs: Try to eliminate sugary, white carbohydrates. This is an age-old saying at this point in time, but cutting out sugary, white carbs is very important if you want to accomplish weight loss. Substitute whole grains, swap your cereal for granola or fruit, and stay away from white pasta.

Habit Change 3, Portion Control: Try to make your portion sizes smaller. This is a simple move that many people ignore. Eat slowly, let your stomach catch up to your mouth. The longer you take to eat, the less you’ll eat. Fill your plate with high-fiber food first, then add in your fats and protein in smaller portion sizes that follow.

Habit Change 4, Switch It Up: Change up your exercise plan. If you’ve only been doing one thing, your body can sometimes get used to your routine. You need to shock your muscles and utilize the muscles that haven’t been worked by doing the same routine over and over again. If you weight lift, do a fitness class; if you take classes, take a day to weight lift.

Habit Change 5, Get More Sleep: Sleep. You have to try to get eight hours of sleep every night. Make it a priority. It’s been well documented that your body takes the time to recover and sets your metabolism higher when you get more sleep, and that people who get more sleep lose more body fat.

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