Ask the Expert: Are Your Brick Pavers Ready for Winter?

Baby, it’s colder outside. Temperatures are dropping lower and lower, which means winter—and its ice and snow—are on their way. Is the outside of  you home ready?

The Question: Is there anything I can do to winterize the brick pavers on my patio?

The Answer: Although interlocking brick pavers are designed to hold up well through winter weather and the impact of frost, snow and ice, there are a few steps you might consider taking before winter arrives.

•Remove outdoor tables, heavy umbrella stands, grills and other weighty items from the patio. During the freeze-and-thaw cycles that will occur over the winter, such heavy items may cause the area below them to sink as the rest of the patio area shifts.

•Typically you’d resweep joint sand into your paver joints at the start of spring, but doing so before winter if the sand level is low will help hold the pavers in place and allow for proper drainage.

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