Ask the Expert: Getting Darker Earlier Out Here

“Nothing is worse that coming home to a dark house at the end of the day wondering if anyone is lurking in the bushes or around the house,” says Bill Shea of William J. Shea Electric. Now that it’s getting darker earlier each day, it’s time to start thinking about inside/outside and security lighting. We turned to Bill Shea for his expert insights into lighting up your life.

Bill Shea of William J. Shea Electric
Bill Shea of William J. Shea Electric

The Question: What is the best way to use lighting to make my home feel safer? Is it better to go with indoor or outdoor lighting?

Bill Shea of William J. Shea Electric says: There are many ways to light up your home to give you the safe, warm feeling of coming home. The most efficient way to turn lights on and off is by the use of timers. These devices have come along way and can be installed in place of a simple switch to control just one light or many lights. You can have a few timers installed throughout the home to turn on and off areas by the front and back doors to gain easy access at night. Timers can also be added to lamps to light up at night so you’re not walking into a dark house.

Lanscape LightsAnother “layer” of lighting is landscape lighting. Lighting up walkways, shrubbery and trees also improves the homes appearance and gets you safely into your home. Low voltage lighting manufacturers have designed a multitude of fixtures to choose from which are inexpensive to install and inexpensive to operate. Any way that I can save a buck from LIPA, the better I like it!!

Landscape Lighting at NightAnother “layer” is security lighting. Motion sensors are the best for this. They can be a simple sensor with 2 flood lamps or sensors that can turn on complete lighting systems. Pull up into a dark driveway & your lights come on automatically.  These units are adjustable & can be set to allow you to get out of your car & into your home in a timely manner.

Light Your Home at NightThese upgrades help get you in and out of your house safely and also make your home more secure against burglars and thieves. All of these systems can be installed at a reasonable price and can also be hooked up to your computer or cell phone as an added feature.

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