Ask the Expert: Keeping the Outdoors Outside

The beauty of fall foliage changes on the East End often comes with a price: Sneezing. Runny nose. Misery. “Now that the leaves are changing and more people are suffering from allergies and sinuses, many people feel that their condition becomes worse inside their home as compared to being outside,” say our friends at Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning. “And here is a reason for that.”

The Question: Why do I have the worst allergies in my home?

The Answer from Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning: In today’s cost efficient mindset, more homes are being built more efficiently and are more airtight. Since homes are more airtight, they are more cost efficient to the homeowner, but it also locks air in your home that could have allergic pollutants and other toxic agents. People are also spending more time indoors and keeping windows and doors closed as the temperature drops outside, and thus wind up feeling the effects of the pollutants in their home.

Question: Is there a way to eliminate these pollutants in my home?

The good news is there are Indoor Air Quality Products (IAQ) for every type of home and budget that can help reduce or eliminate pollutants and increase your health.

High efficiency filters are one of the most common Indoor Air Quality Products. There are many types of high efficiency filters, ranging from those that remove a lot of airborne particles to filters that purify the air.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Products (UVC) are good for reducing and manging mold and bacteria in your home.

Air purifiers help purify and clean the air in your home. Some purify to the point of producing clean and fresh air just like you’re on a mountain top. Cleaning the ducts in your home can also help the air quality. As with your heating and air conditioning system, the ducts should be cleaned for maximum efficiency.

Green Duct
Green duct is an environmentally friendly option for your home.

Green duct is another great product that is environmentally friendly. Green duct is a flex product that has many benefits to help your health and the environment: it is poisonous-gas free and rustproof and allows maximum air flow, just to name a few.

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