It’s That Election Time of Year. Do You Know Your Candidates?

It’s election season in the Hamptons, and it’s getting to be that time when voters should really understand where their local candidates stand on issues that are important to them. No, we’re not talking about the likes of Barack Obama, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Ron Paul or Mitt Romney. On the East End we’re talking about such candidates as Anna Throne-Holst, Jay Schniederman, Linda Kabot, Steve Bellone and others running for their chance to help run local government. 

These are the people who’ll be making decisions that influence daily life, the people who’ll be spending your tax dollars, the people representing you.

Wondering where your local candidates stand on finances and beach access, open spaces and other important local issues? Read all about it right here, right now. And don’t be afraid to share your voice and tell us—and them—what you think as we near Election Day. After all, as Old Man McGumbus from Shelter Island says, “THIS IS AMERICA!!!”


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