Jay Jacobs Suing Critics of North Sea Summer Camp for $65 Million

Jay Jacobs, the developer behind a proposed summer camp at Fresh Pond in North Sea, is suing the two loudest critics of his proposed summer camp for $65 million in damages defamation.

Some residents who live in the homes that surround Little Fresh Pond in North Sea are up in arms about the possibility of a children’s summer day camp coming and have organized against it. 

John Barona and John Gorman, the two people named in the suit, are the president and the vice president of the Little Fresh Pond Association, the organization that has been actively opposing the development of a summer camp, claiming that the camp would cause pollution and other problems in the area.

The lawsuit claims that a flyer that was circulated in opposition of the proposed development was “defamatory and malicious.” The flyer says that the the project will dump 35 percent more sewage into the North Sea watershed than Suffolk County limits and that Mr. Jacobs has been hiding information and lying to get exemption for the project.

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