Fighting an Invisible Threat Inside Your Home

It’s holiday time in the Hamptons. Along with family visiting and pumpkin pie making, this is also the time we start our heating systems for the first time. A warm and cozy home may be the first thing on your mind, keeping you and your loved ones safe shouldn’t be forgotten. “Now that the holiday season is upon us, our carbon monoxide detectors are not a priority on our list, but they should be,”  say our friends at Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning, who are here answer your questions below.

The Question: When should I change my carbon monoxide detector?

The Answer from Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning: Carbon monoxide is a gas that is colorless, odorless and is produced by incomplete burning of fuels (oil, natural gas, kerosene, etc…). If not detected properly there could be a deadly outcome.  It is very important to have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home.  Here are some guidelines to make sure you have a properly working carbon monoxide detector:

  1. If you have had your carbon monoxide detector for more that 5 years, change it out.  Carbon monoxide detectors need to be changed ever 5 years.  If you do not know how old your carbon monoxide detector is that means it is time to change it.
  2. Make sure the carbon monoxide detector is installed properly to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you need assistance please contact your heating company.
  3. Test your carbon monoxide detector on a regular basis. The instruction manual should tell you how frequent your detector should be tested and how to test the system.

What other precautionary steps should be done to make sure there is no high levels of carbon monoxide in my home? 

If a heating system is not properly installed and/or is used incorrectly this can cause high levels of carbon monoxide, which can be deadly. It is highly recommended to have a certified HVAC company install your heating system and run the proper start up procedure. It is also important to have your heating system maintained yearly to make sure it is still working properly and there are no levels of carbon monoxide.

What should I do if my carbon monoxide detector does go off?

Please make sure you go outside the house to get fresh air and call the fire departmentNEVER IGNORE A CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR ALARM.

For more details on carbon monoxide detectors, you can contact Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning at 631-727-2760, email them at [email protected], or visit them online at

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