The Muppets Movie Is Awesome—So Why Is It Only Playing in Hampton Bays?

Why is The Muppets movie only playing in Hampton Bays? I just don’t get why Southampton and East Hampton have missed out on the opportunity to show this weekend’s box office newcomer. It is AWESOME! I haven’t been this charmed by a movie in a very long time.

One of the great traditions of Thanksgiving weekend is going to the movies with your family, and I East Hampton and Southampton missed out on being part of the fun with Kermit, Miss Piggy and Co.

The big movie to see in East Hampton is the Twilight film, but the vampire romance has been getting very mixed reviews from people I know who’ve seen it. And the movie to see in Southampton is—you guessed it—THE TWILIGHT MOVIE!

Come on, Hamptons people! How can you NOT see The Muppets?

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