Tips To Help Overcome Fear

 Tips to help you overcome fear:

1)    When unwanted thoughts intrude, snap yourself back into the present moment by wearing a rubber band on your wrist and snapping it.

2)    Focus on something that you can touch or taste. That will distract your racing thoughts by putting your mind on something other than you and your fear of getting an attack.

3)    Go through with what you have to do, no matter how you are feeling; never retreat.

4)    Keep trying and you will make progress.  Believe that you have the capacity to change.

5)    Always breathe through it  when you feel anticipatory fear; take a deep breath, hold  it as long as you can, and let it out slowly.

6)    Give comfort to your inner child, not criticism. Treat yourself the way you would treat a frightened child; be like the most gentle and patient parent you can conceive of.

7)    Practice affirmations and positive imaging.

8)    Lighten up and laugh at yourself and, oh yes, love yourself more.

SECRET: Know that you have the power to defeat negative thinking and behavior.  Learn to understand and cope with your greatest enemy: your own fear.  We have learned that living a successful life of quality and meaning does not mean that you will never forget what you know is the face of fear, uncertainty, or rejection.  What is important is how quickly you recover your equilibrium and get on with the business of living. 

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