Video: Beth Stern Rescues Seagull in the Hamptons. What’s with All the Haters?

Beth Ostrosky Stern
Beth Ostrosky Stern

Beth Stern, Howard Stern’s wife, just a few days ago released a seagull on the beach in East Hampton, a bird she had rescued with the help of people from the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons.

She’d found the seagull while walking on the beach near her Hamptons house and noticed that the bird’s bill was caught in fishing wire, preventing it from being able to eat. She helped save the bird, and then made a short video of its release (you can watch it below).

Then the haters began to arrive. Many bloggers and celebrity writers have had a decidedly negative reaction to the video, saying they think it is self-serving or pointing out how awful the accompanying music and other such comments.

Yes, the video is horrific in terms of how cheesy it is. But if you think this is about Beth Stern’s trying to increase her fame or popularity by showing herself releasing a bird on a beach, you are an idiot. This is about Beth Stern using her celebrity to support and gain attention for the Wild Life Rescue Center of the Hamptons, which is in constant need of donations to keep things going. It’s also about somebody finding joy in rescuing an animal that was in trouble. To try and make some kind of argument that doing something like that is lame or stupid means you are not only likely a pathetically jealous person, but maybe also a bit of a jerk…who should be hoping he never winds up on a beach with his head wrapped up in fishing wire when Beth Stern walks by.

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