Ask the Expert: New Year, New Beginnings

It’s been a strange week, and not just in the Hamptons and on the East End, with the Eclipse and Full Moon. Did you feel the shift a lot of us did? Did your car break down (mine did)? Did you want to run away and hide from the world? It seems that a lot of people had stuff come up from the past. Did you pay that fine from a long time ago? You may have thought you did and just when you least expect it, there it is in your face. Well, good news. We are moving into a more positive energy.

Yeah, time to celebrate. New Moon on December 25—what a great way to spend the holiday. Yeah, new beginnings, time to move on to bigger and better things. Here are some of the questions that you wonderful folks sent to me.

What is Deja Vu?

Love the sound of that. To me, it’s when you feel that person or something that happened before. Have you ever met a person and said, Hey, don’t I know you? Well, you do, probably from another lifetime. Or you feel very comfortable or uncomfortable with that person or situation. If you feel good about the situation then it’s probably someone or something that you are still supposed to be a part of in this lifetime. If you don’t feel as if you like that person’s energy or just an intense dislike, you probably had bad karma or a negative situation in a former lifetime. And maybe it’s time to clear that negative energy and to try and fix that situation this lifetime.

Are all psychics able to see ghosts?

Wow, that is an intense question. I feel that each psychic has their own fine-tuned gift. When you connect with someone that has passed over, and it has happened to all of us. I don’t see ghosts, I feel their energy and sometimes they leave us specific messages. It’s funny because usually when we lose a loved one they do come and say goodbye to us. We sometimes smell lilacs or roses if it’s a female that has passed, or we smell cologne or cigars or pipe smell if it’s a male energy. Each person is different. I don’t think that you need to be psychic or intuitive to see ghosts. Some even appear as orbs on pictures that you have taken. Or you just feel them there. I feel that we all have that ability.

My house seems to have a lot of “activity”—lights that go off and on, the TV or radio will go on by itself, things like that. Should I be scared? How do I know if it’s a good spirit or a bad spirit?

When a spirit passes over, sometimes they just are comfortable or not ready to go to the light. I usually tell them very gently, it’s okay to visit but you really need to move on. Sometimes they listen and sometimes they are just so comfortable that they are not ready to leave us. And yes, they do turn the TV or radio on and off—they want us too know that they are still with us.

I would not be scared. They just feel that it’s still their home. Usually a good spirit was a good person when they were here. A Bad Spirit to me is someone that still has unsolved situations, and if they were angry here on earth then they need to move on from that negative energy—we are all made of energy. We all come here for lessons and it’s always like school. We keep returning till we get it right.

To all my friends and foes, just want to say Happy Holidays to all. Bless you all.

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