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Buy Dan’s: We Know It’s Free. Would You Pay $179.95 If It Was Signed?

You can buy an issue of Dan’s Papers online for $179.95, or you can pick one up on the street for free. Several weeks ago, I wrote about the time in Manhattan I came upon what appeared to be a homeless person holding up a copy of Dan’s Papers on the street and saying “Two dollars. Dan’s Papers only for two dollars.” He had a whole stack of them under the other arm. This story is sort of like that story, although classier.

The copy of Dan’s Papers online for $175.95 is on a site called rarelibrary.com. When you get there, just search for Dan’s Papers. Actually what they are selling is the cover, although the whole issue comes too. [expand]

“Very scarce signed Dan’s Papers from the summer of 2009 featuring the cover artwork by artist Peter Max. Max was commissioned by Dan’s Papers to do the cover for their July 4, 2009 edition. This fabulous cover artwork by Peter Max features a beautifully colorful cosmic universe scene in Peter Max’s highly recognizable style. At the bottom center is Max’s image of Earth with the United States painted in a stylized red, white and blue flag, surrounded by planets, stars and birds, and symbolizing…” it says rapturously. “Dan’s Papers is a Hamptons tradition, dating back nearly 50 years…Excellent unread condition with slightest crease on cover done when Max signed the item in person. Cover art is bright and colorful—just perfect for framing. Dimensions: 13.5”L x 10.5”W. Hand signed in person by cover artist legend Peter Max. “4Sam…Love…Max…2010” hand signed in person with a heart drawn with initial S inside….Free Shipping Upgrade on All Orders!”

My question is—when after 2010 did the love end and the recipient take to the Internet? I guess we could ask Sam.

Also, what’s with the 95 cents? $179.95?

And between July 4, 2009 and today this copy remained unread, this person never read what was inside? I don’t believe it. I know Sam and he’s a reader.

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