Rednecks Invade the Hamptons and Hilarity Is Sure to Ensue

Have you heard about this new CMT show called My Big Redneck Vacationabout a family from Louisiana that goes on extravagant trips? The new episode that is premiering has them vacationing in a gorgeous house in East Hampton, where they are going to “mix it up with the locals.”


The funny thing about this whole premise is that anybody who knows anything about East Hampton locals knows they are called Bonackers and, without a doubt, they would get along just fine with a bunch of self-proclaimed rednecks. Bonackers love everything that rednecks love, just minus the southern twang. Fishing, hunting, camping, boating, clamming, family—you name it, a redneck and a Bonacker would have plenty to talk about.

But apparently this new show, in all of its stereotype glory, is going to focus on the hilarity of a “silly southerner dealing with all of them rich and fancy folks in the Hamptons.” So in other words, not the locals, the summer people.

If only the world knew the truth about the reality of how many regular, hard working people live in East Hampton. One of the most frustrating parts about being born/raised and working on the East End is that any time you go anywhere and tell people that you live in the Hamptons, they assume you have a private helicopter and a butler named Jeffery. All of these new television shows aren’t helping to fix that.

And so, the stereotype of the Hamptons continues. But I guess it could be worse.

I will be honest, though, I cannot wait to watch a group of rednecks here on Long Island. In the name of entertainment, I’d watch them rabble rouse at a fancy restaurant in East Hampton. And I’m really hoping somebody gets called a “damn Yankee.”

My Big Redneck Vacation premiers on January 21 at 9:30 p.m. on CMT, Country Music Television. 

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