There Are A Lot Of REALLY Good Movies Coming Out This Week On The East End

Lately I’ve been so completely disappointed with movie options. I already saw The Artist (and kind of hated it) and although Mission Impossible 4 was pretty good, it was pretty much the same damned movie as all the rest of them.

The last decent movie I’ve seen in the theater was Planet of the Apes.

Well, that could all change this weekend in the Hamptons, as I’m itching to check out some of the upcoming films. All of the good movies get spread out between East Hampton and Hampton Bays, so last night I checked the movie schedules for the Hamptons to figure out where watchable films were playing. No, Beauty and the Beast in 3D is not on my radar (I hate these re-releases).

One movie that I am very excited about is playing in Southampton. The Grey opens this weekend, and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE LIAM NEESON BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF A GIANT WOLF IN THE WOODS. (By the way, The Grey is playing in Mattituck as well.). So, yes. I think I might check that out. Liam Neeson is my new favorite action hero, ever since Taken (SEE THIS MOVIE IF YOU HAVEN’T) came out.

Okay, this weekend in East Hampton, as far as I’m concerned, there are no watchable movies. The only one that I’d even consider checking out is the new Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but I read the book and saw the Swedish version of the movie, so I’ll pass. The Oscar-nominated The Artist is playing in East Hampton, so if you want to watch a silent movie in 2012—and one that earned big kudos at the Hamptons International Film Festival—I guess this is the one you are going to want to see.

The real winner this weekend, though, will be Hampton Bays,  mainly because I’m dying to see Contraband with Mark Wahlberg (I don’t think there is a single Mark Wahlberg movie that I haven’t seen in theaters) and Red Tails—which actually tops my must-see list. Red Tails, which is about the Tuskeegee airmen, was produced by George Lucas, and looks like a classic, Lucas-styled combat movie in World War II airplanes. You can’t beat that. You just can’t.

Plus, as a little tidbit, I used to live and work in Montauk as the Managing Editor of The Montauk Pioneer and had the opportunity to interview an actual Tuskeegee airman by the name of Percy Heath, who has since passed away. Percy went on to become a very famous jazz musician, and there is a monument at the Montauk Lighthouse dedicated to him. I miss him. I’m glad this movie was made.

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