Video: The Tebowing Phenomena Spreads To Southampton

I spent my entire morning and most of my lunch running around Southampton asking people if they would Tebow on camera. “What’s a Tebow?” “Who is Tim Tebow?”

Many people were too chicken to Tebow. But those that did, ended up being in one of my favorite videos that I’ve ever made. My favorite “Tebow” is the guy on Main Street at the end, it’s glorious. Even Brady from the Southampton Publick House did a “Tebow.”

Who would have though that the Tebowing phenomena would spread to the Hamptons?

Thanks to everyone that participated. THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ARE GOING DOWN!

I hope anyway. A little Tebowing can’t hurt their chances!

I’ve never had so much fun during an NFL season. If the Giants beat the Packers and the Broncos beat the Pats, I think my head might explode.GO BRONCOS! GO GIANTS!

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