What Is East Hampton Nuts?

I just found out about this story that East Hampton Village is most likely going to move forward with making it a law that real estate signs have to be reduced in size. The reason they are doing this genius plan, is because the current signs that are up are not attractive, mainly because there are so many of them.

First of all……no. Second of all…..why?

What’s the plan here? That if East Hampton reduces it’s real estate sign sizes that magically the real estate market will turn around? That all of the sudden everyone will think, “Hey honey, look, the signs are smaller, that means we should buy!”


The reason that there are so many things for sale in East Hampton is simple, the prices are too high and people aren’t willing to pay it and they are waiting patiently for them to come down. The prices of real estate needs to come down in order for there to be fewer signs in East Hampton. It’s that simple.

And by the way, signs are probably the NUMBER ONE way a property gets attention from a serious prospective buyer. I would know, I have my real estate license and have been practicing real estate out here since 2005.

Nobody is going to feel better about smaller signs, it’s not going to solve anybody’s problem. People aren’t unhappy with the real estate signs on Main Street, THEY ARE UNHAPPY WITH THE EMPTY STORES!

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