Hamptons Police Blotter: Puppy Pilfering, Hampton Bays Heroics

A crazy amount of strange police news happened last week in the Hamptons. A puppy was stolen, McGumbus set fire to a bar, and a man was found with an insane variety of drugs. Ready for another wild week on the East End? Read on…

Puppy Thieves 

Two teens from East Hampton were arrested after they stole a $2,500 puppy from a pet shop on the North Fork. The owner of the shop told police that the two teens walked into the shop, grabbed the puppy and then fled in their cars. Police were able to catch up with the teens and arrested them after pulling their vehicle over.

Drug Store? 

A man in Sag Harbor was pulled over and was assessed by police to be driving while intoxicated. The man was then found to be with a baggy of marijuana in one pocket and a baggy of cocaine in the other pocket.


A man in Hampton Bays ran into the ocean after he thought he saw a dog that was drowning. It turned out that the man was chasing after a stuffed teddy bear that had been discarded. This guy still deserves some kind of medal.

Shelter Island 

Old Man McGumbus, 107 years old and former World War II tank engineer, was arrested last week after he set fire to the oak bar at The Fish Hole restaurant during a dispute over a Gin Rummy card game. McGumbus, who was the 2011 Gin Rummy Champion and has been for the last seven years, lost in an extremely close round at the 2012 Shelter Island Seniors Gin Rummy Championship last week. McGumbus became extremely, “loud, combative and was shouting racist remarks” and then when the bartender of The Fish Hole tried to calm him down, he struck him in the face with a napkin holder, then poured The Fish Hole’s special 150 proof bourbon onto the bar and struck a match.



A man on the North Fork was arrested for urinating in public last week. Yup, that happens sometimes.


The Sleeper

A man in Riverhead was arrested after he was caught stealing grocery items from a large grocery store. The man had over $150 worth of meat inside of his pants, and no, he didn’t steal any pepperoni.


–David Lion Rattiner

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