Montauk Lighthouse Gets Official Landmark Status

The Montauk Lighthouse Committee have been battling tirelessly to protect and elevate the status of the Montauk Lighthouse. I can remember when there was a battle to have it moved back to prevent it from falling into the ocean over building a reventment. I can remember the endless non-sense and paper work announcements and meetings to get it on track to become an official historic landmark.

The committee has managed to win battle after battle, and now it’s safe to say, they have won a major war. The war for landmark status.

Somebody needs to throw a party, a BIG party, for the members of the Montauk Lighthouse Committee, and honor them. People who come to my mind are Joe Gaviola, Eleanor Ehrhardt, Brian Pope, Richard White Sr. all come to mind. But I know that there are more people who have helped along the way.

For the Lighthouse to be considered an actual historic landmark is a big deal. There are only 2,500 historic landmarks in the United States, and very few are added anymore.

But everybody has always known in their hearts in Montauk, that the Lighthouse, which was commissioned by George Washington, without question deserves to be on this important list.

Congratulations to Montauk and the Montauk Lighthouse Committee for your resolve and for battling through an absurd amount of red tape. Today you can say you won. Enjoy it.


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