And The World’s Most Expensive Cheese Is…

So you’re in the Hamptons and you want the best do ya? Well when it comes to cheese, the most expensive stuff this year comes from the Dutch.

Business Week reports: A 24-pound Dutch cheese named the best in the world at an international competition held in Madison, Wis. last month has been auctioned off for $8,400, or $350 per pound.

The wheel of Vermeer, a low-fat Gouda-style cheese, scored a mild upset at the World Championship Cheese Contest, beating out two cheeses from Switzerland and preventing the Swiss from capturing a fourth straight title.

That’s a lot of mula for a pound of cheese. But fret not, there are a lot of places you can get the best cheese in the world on the East End. Check out our review of The Village Cheese Shoppe in Southampton if you are in need of some of the good stuff.

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