Ask the Expert: Good Karma, Good Living

Considering karma and spirituality—what they mean for you and the way you live with those around you.

The Question: What is Karma?

To me, karma is what you bring into your life and your experiences. I feel that if you do good by others and yourself, such as being honest and kind, treating a person the way you want to be treated, it will bring you happiness, love and positive people and energy. But if you choose to take from a person, or are jealous of others, or steal, or are always looking at how you can take from someone, you will only attract negative energy and people. It simply comes down to, be good and attract positive. If you do wrong, then you will attract negative people. I feel that if you give back you will get back 100 times; if you attract negative energy you will get back 1000 times. So which would you like to attract? It’s all up to you.

The Question: What is the difference between being religious and being spiritual?

Well, when you are religious, I feel that you follow a specified religion. When you are spiritual, you are following all religions and respect everyone no matter what their religious experiences are. Religion is good if it works for you, but I prefer to be spiritual.

The Question: How long does it usually take to hear from someone who has passed on?

Good question. It’s actually up to the one that is on the other side. I have gotten messages from people who have passed within hours, and then some don’t want to come through—we have no control over if they want to contact us or not, but they usually do come and say goodbye to us. I find that usually if you smell roses or lilacs, it’s usually a female; and if you smell a man’s cologne, or if they smoked there’s cigarette smell or pipe or cigar smell. They also visit us by coming back as a bird or butterfly, or if you find pennies or coins.

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