Ask The Expert: The Great Benefits Of The Law Of Attraction And Living With Compassion

Have you ever wondered about The Law of Attraction? Why it works? Why thoughts can create reality and how leading a positive life and having compassion for others go hand in hand? Joyce Philbin-Collier, Life Expert and owner of Robert Collier Publications, is here to discuss how both the Law of Attraction and having compassion for others can greatly benefit your life.


Question: How can the Law of Attraction be proven either by science or any other sources? I have been looking for some concrete proof on this and have not found any yet.  If thoughts create reality, then how come things don’t always turn out the way we expect them to? Some times they turn out better or worse so how do you actually turn a thought into reality?

 Joyce Philbin-Collier
Joyce Philbin-Collier

Joyce Philbin-Collier: Looking for concrete proof” indicates that you lack the very essence the Law of Attraction requires. The universe doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. It is through Faith and Believing that we attract what we want into our lives to live more abundantly. Where you should be looking, is inside yourself, getting to know your inner spirit.  Start to listen to your inner voice. It is that relationship combined with unconditional Faith that attracts anything you want in your life.  Robert Collier called this “the genie of the mind”. Your inner voice and spirit have only your best interests at heart. Nothing says you will never know sadness, disappointment or difficulty in your life. It is being aware of the lesson to be learned from these and the belief that light is at the end of the tunnel which brings you closer to your life’s goals. Whenever you experience troubled times, avoid the “why me” syndrome. Instead, ask yourself, “What am I supposed to learn from this”? By doing this, you strengthen your spirit. If you fail to learn from the experience, you have become stagnant and you run the risk of experiencing the same thing over and over until you choose to see it differently. You don’t prove the Law of Attraction. You live it.   Learn more about this in The Secret of the Ages.

Question: I have been told that kindness to others is an important part of positively changing my life.  The other day, I passed a homeless person when I was walking to work.  I thought about putting a dollar in his cup, but figured he would only buy booze with it. I kept walking and decided not to give him anything.

Joyce Philbin-Collier: Part of living a positive life is having compassion for others. When we donate or help others, the gift must be given with no expectation or judgment attached.  What the homeless person does with your donation has nothing to do with your decision to give. Once you place judgment on what the person will do with it, you have negated the gift. The next time you have the opportunity to give to a homeless person or anyone down on their luck, try to see that you are not just giving them a donation, you are giving them a choice to choose differently just as you will be trying to think differently. Maybe the last five times someone gave this person money, he did spend it on liquor. But if he never gets another donation, he will never have the opportunity to think differently and therefore choose differently and perhaps do something more helpful with the money.

“Gratitude and love are always multiplied when you give freely. It is an infinite source of contentment and prosperous energy.” Jim Fargiano, East End Psychic and Author.

Always give to others freely, without judgment.  Judgment is a negative thought and will only hinder you and what you want to attract into your life. Giving is a loving act that should be unqualified.

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