Hamptons Free Ride May Expand To Montauk

The success of Hamptons Free Ride, the free shuttle service that brings beach goers from parking lots to the beach, is allowing the owners of the service to expand.

The service is owned by long time high school friends, Alex Esposito and James Mirras. Mr. Esposito grew up in Springs and Mr. Mirras grew up in Montauk.

It was a great success last summer, with the free ride service relying on advertising to stay in business. They use environmentally friendly, electric vehicles made by Chrysler. The business duo plan on expanding the service via four new vehicles that will run routes in Montauk, 7 days a week, to get tourists to and from their cars to the beach. The service in East Hampton Village is expected to continue once again this year and there is talk that an additional vehicle will be added to the East Hampton route due to the possible closing of Georgica Beach this summer. If that happens, parking at Main Beach, which is already difficult, will be even tougher.

Hamptons Free Ride has earned enormous support from local politicians, who all scramble every summer looking for new ways to make it easier for tourists to get around and avoid difficult parking situations.

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