Larry’s Legs Will Have To Walk Off

The Sag Habor Village Zoning Board of Appeals have made it official, Larry’s Legs must come down. The board voted Tuesday, unanimously, that three variances were to be denied by art gallery owners Janet Lehr and Ruth Vered. The variances would have made it legal for the sculpture that is nearly 16 feet tall in size, to be allowed to be displayed along Henry Street.

The sculpture was made by Larry Rivers, a well known artist from the 60s. The controversy has been about whether or not the sculpture could be deemed as art and not subject to the same zoning codes. But the board decided that the sculpture is both art and a structure, meaning that it is still subject to the same rules as other structures in the area, which would require Larry’s Legs to be set back 35 feet from the property line.

Janet Lehr and Ruth Vered have not disclosed what they plan to do with Larry’s Legs.


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