What is an Enchanted Relationship?

The word enchanted itself offers a clue as to how we can actually go about attaining an enchanted relationship. It is derived from the Latin incantare meaning “to sing into.” We all know the powerful effect of inspiring music added to powerful words, which are then sung “into” us by a beautiful voice. We become enchanted, and no wonder! A great deal of thoughtful preparation and artistic skill has gone into making it happen.

Sound the trumpets and let the truth be known throughout the enchanted realm! Living happily ever after is WORK. More  accurately, a true relationship is a work of art requiring consistent, thoughtful preparation, sensitivity and concern, ever-expanding awareness, and respect for one’s partner. Everyone’s relationships are threatened on a regular basis by a squad of dragons with names like Fear, Mistrust, Anger, Jealousy, Selfishness, Inflexibility, Low Self-Esteem, and those evil twin demons, Stupidity and Ignorance. These guys hang around at the gates of our enchanted castle banging to be let  in. And believe us, once they get inside the door, they don’t leave quietly. Pretending they’re not there is worse than useless. They thrive when we try to ignore them. Blaming their existence on somebody else gives them a growth spurt. Dealing with them together, calmly and rationally, is really the only way to keep them outside ourselves and our relationships. And that takes effort. We need to talk to each other, to show our love, to take care of ourselves, each other,  and the relationship-every single day of our lives.

When we are in an enchanted state:

o We have harmonious relationships.

o Our faces are filled with love, light, and laughter.

o We know that we are loved.

o We are loving to children and animals.

o We take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

o Our sleep is deep and relaxed.

o We are well-liked in our communities.

o We have compassion and empathy toward others.

o We live peacefully.

o We enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

o We use our talents to bring happiness to others.

o We share our feelings.

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