Old Man McGumbus May Have Found His New Favorite Bake Shop In East Hampton

Hi reddit.



 Am I the only one who associates cupcakes with being seven years old and celebrating your classmates birthday in school?

What the hell is going on!

A new bakery is opening in East Hampton on the 25th, called Dolce Nirvana and among other things, they sell cupcakes. But what I like about this new shop is that yes, they are following the cupcake trend, but no, they are still very unique, because FINALLY we have a shop in town that combines bacon and bourbon into baked goods. Old Man McGumbus will undoubtedly be stopping there this summer.

Two of the products that Dolce Nirvana is famous for is the “PanCakin’ Bacon,” treat and the “Bourbon Bomb” cake.

Baconbourbon…cake…I think I may have reached…


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