Bridgehampton Resident Wilbur Ross Has Some Thoughts About Greece

I’m always interested in what this legendary investor has to say. His remarks on the economy always captivate me. Here’s what he said on Monday  about Greece.

“I think that what this government really needs to do is to start out with the privatization of some of the assets that they’ve been sitting on that never should have been governmentalized in the beginning and show that they will do good faith,” Ross told CNBC Asia’sSquawk Box”.

“The tax avoidance in Greece — including by government officials — is ridiculous. The black economy is a ridiculously high percentag. Those are the problems they have to deal with and if they can deal with those than more limited austerity is what’s needed.”

When Ross was asked if he was considering investing in any Greek assets he said, “I don’t really want to inflate the price by saying this, that and something else.”

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