Dive on In! Swimming Pool Season Is Here

Summer has arrived in the Hamptons with weather perfectly made for diving into swimming pools and cooling off. We took a break from splashing about to ask George P. Kazdin, founder and owner of Kazdin Pools & Spas, for his Top 10 Tips to beautify, protect and get the most out of your pool—this summer and many summers to come.

1. Convert to More Efficient Pumps: The first one would be a very green tip. People should covert to one of the new variable-speed magneto drive pumps that will operate your pool up to 50 percent more efficiently.

2. Decking and Patio: Make sure your patios or decking areas are in good shape. Decks and patios take a beating from the water, and a great way to make your pool look beautiful is to improve, replace or repair any damage.

3. Have Your Pumps and Heater Checked: It’s important to make sure that your pump and heater system is optimal.

4. Upgrade to Automated Systems: You can upgrade to any of the new automated systems that control the pool automatically. You can do it from your cell phone or computer, even. All of those applications are available and save time and money.

5. Change to Salt: You can look into doing mineral or salt sanitation system. The mineral and salts are much more swimmer friendly. It’s much better for you skin and much more forgiving in terms of maintenance.

6. Switch Your Lighting: Really cool-looking pool lighting can also make your pool much nicer. You can switch to LED to be more green, and new lighting can be switched so that colors can be used, which really makes your pool look great at night.

7. Get New Winter Covers: Upgrade your winter covers to protect your pool in the winter. A lot of people neglect this too often.

8. Automate Your Chlorine: If you’re using regular chlorination, you can upgrade to an automated chlorination system to make life easier. It also ensures that your pool is always safe and healthy to swim in.

9. Fencing: If you have small children, childproof fence systems provide an additional barrier of protection for children in your yard. This is hugely important if your kids are not strong swimmers and if they frequently play near the pool.

10. Use a reputable pool expert: “When looking for contractors that do all of these things, certainly look for somebody that has a long standing reputation and has been around for a long time. Here at Kazdin we provide all of these services for our customers, and many times we end up having to re-do terrible work that was done by person who really didn’t know what they were doing.”

For more information, you can visit Kazdin Pools and Spas at 833 County Rd 39 in Southampton, call them  at 631-283-4884 or visit online at www.kazdin.com.

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