Life in an East End Windmill

What could be more “Hamptons” than a windmill? Too bad you can’t live in one…or can you? In the world of Hamptons real estate, anything is possible.

The 1.9-acre estate in Amagansett is up for sale—The Amagansett Windmill House. Brown Harris Stevens exclusively lists this property and agents Jennifer Brew and Christine Saar have taken on the job to show this upscale home.

The windmill is visible from the backyard, located next to the pool, adding that extra dimension of Hamptons history to the home. There is also a bedroom with balcony access to the windmill. With 8,000 square feet, there are so many ways to decorate and make this place your own, while keeping the main features of the home intact. Besides the touch of the windmill, the inside of the house is gorgeous. Its specific characteristics and interesting dimensions are what draw people to the home.

Amagansett has much to offer for those who seek the Hamptons lifestyle.

Heading east on Route 27, it is about a 12-mile drive from Amagansett to Montauk; approximately a 15-minute drive. This allows for a great laid back Hamptons type of feel while also allowing access to one of the current hottest communities, Montauk and what “The End” has to offer, whether that is night life or just a stroll on the beach.

Amagansett Square in Amagansett is also a draw with great shops and possible celebrity sightings. I ran into Ralph Lauren there taking a stroll with his dogs last summer.

Priced at $10,495,000, this house has many things to offer to potential buyers. Its space, view and appeal give it a specific character that many would enjoy. Have lots of guests staying over, or maybe extended family is coming in from out of town? No need to fret, there are seven bedrooms. Expecting teens and kids? Don’t worry about your daughter taking too much time blow drying her hair in the bathroom, 8.5 bathrooms should eliminate this problem.

An ocean view, a pool on one side and a large patio on the other side of the expansive yard would be a great way for guests to come and soak up the Hampton sun. In case the sun is not cooperating, the salt-water pools are heated and they are connected by a waterfall for an upscale look.

The home also offers a wet and dry sauna. The interior of the saunas are personalized with benches for seating and closed off for privacy.

Don’t stop there. The 1.9 acres of land are a “huge” part of this home. A swing-set for young ones, a zip line for any age, maybe a trampoline. The possibilities for outside activities are endless. Because it comes with a complete outdoor kitchen, barbeques are sure to ensue. The more people to enjoy the weather and scenery the better.

The house was inspired by La Maison de la Reine, which was built for Marie Antoinette within the Chateau de Versailles. This Amagansett windmill home mirrors this classic home but features modern conveniences. While builders equipped some rooms with marble and specific antique designs, others feature new oak flooring. Located inside there is a balcony looking down into the living room.

In some main rooms, the ceilings are arched upward to give an even larger feel. In a bedroom located by the sail of the windmill, an arched circular ceiling with different angles gives this room a modern twist. Bathrooms have an antique sort of look with a modernized vanity and glass door showers. The house itself has much to offer, the location, the appeal and its dramatic features are something to note. Its interesting dimensions and lot size are also something to take into consideration when planning your Hamptons dream home

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