Self Esteem

A woman walks down a garden path clutching a mass of flowers in an upturned fold of her toga-like garment.  She has flowers under her arm and a floral wreath garlands her hair.  Like the flowers she holds, she glories in her beauty in a most natural way.  She has developed her self-esteem, a most valuable possession, by listening to her Higher Self, as symbolized by the shining eye seen in the hand-mirror to which she directs her gaze.

She has used self-reflection to understand her strengths, symbolized by the man, woman, and Cupid in the other three hand-mirrors, and her weaknesses, as symbolized by the fences she walks before.  She has decided to listen to the bluebird who says happiness will come when she grants herself the same respect she would to another who displayed similar characteristics.  The bluebird knows life can be enjoyed by using our strengths to compensate for our weaknesses.

The pointed rocks behind her symbolize our human tendency to be too hard on ourselves.  She has gotten beyond these stumbling blocks and the flowers she holds, as well as the ones that cover the top of a stone column in the border above her are signs of the great rewards that will come to her as a result of new actions born of her new-found self-esteem.  A self-confident person is like a positively charged magnet whose force field draws to them other positive people.

At her feet, a tiny Cupid grabs the hem of her dress and tells her to watch her step, for life is a continuous process of growth, symbolized by the amorphous, primitive life forms that can slip through any crack, no matter how small.  Self-esteem, not egotism, will get her where she is going.

Your level of self-esteem is based on how much you respect yourself.   We can all feel good about ourselves for we are all of divine origin.  If we are not proud of ourselves, we are not proud of the divine force that made us, the world we live in, and love, itself

words © Monte Farber , art © Amy Zerner
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