Ah Ha! So This Explains Why My Dad Has Been Talking So Much About Steve Jobs Lately

On Monday I had dinner with my Dad in Bridgehampton at World Pie and throughout the entire dinner, the topic of Steve Jobs kept coming up.

“He really was an amazing man, I think Apple stock could be in trouble.”

Now this wouldn’t be so odd, if say, Steve Jobs died recently, but the death of Steve Jobs was a while ago, and Apple seems to be doing just fine. Why is my Dad so obsessed with Steve Jobs this week?

And then, I got a press release this morning in my e-mail about my Dad’s new book, “Still In The Hamptons”, and it all makes sense to me now.


“Dan’s memoirs are like Dan’s newspapers: charming, whimsical, fun, and filled with insightful knowledge of the East End.” — Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

As a longtime resident and publisher of the Hampton’s free weekly newspaper Dan’s Papers, Dan Rattiner is an expert on all things Hamptons. In Still in the Hamptons: More Tales of the Rich, the Famous, and the Rest of Us (Excelsior Editions/ State University of New York Press; July 2012, $24.95 hc) he gives a funny, informative, and multi-faceted account of all the different types of people one encounters on a trip to this exclusive yet eccentric community.

This is the third book of Dan’s memories. Here is some praise for his earlier In the Hamptons and In the Hamptons Too, also published by SUNY Press:

It all makes sense now Dad. Congrats on your book and congrats on having Walter Isaacson read and admire it! AMAZING!


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