East End Kid: July Fourth Memories

My July Fourth was exciting. I went to the Southampton parade with my dog Honey Boy and we really enjoyed it. Actually I enjoyed it because Honey Boy was freaking out like a madman, or mad dog, because of all the gunshots. The gunshots were part of what July Fourth is all about—the day we gained our independence. Lots of flags, and red, white and blue. We both enjoyed seeing the horses. We saw soldiers from all wars wearing uniforms, and politicians marching and sitting in cars and trucks including some that were nearly 100 years old—I mean the cars, not the people, although they too could have been 100. I saw the Tai Kwon Do performers and I think I could kick most of their butts as I am a candidate black belt. One interesting thing I saw were the Vietnam War vets who were not wearing uniforms, were riding motorcycles, wearing motorcycle jackets and all had beards.

This is my fifth parade and won’t be my last.

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