Jay-Z Is Big Rentin’ In The Hamptons, So I Wrote A Rap Song About It

Jay-Z and Beyonce are renting Joe Farrel’s legendary home known as the Sandcastle in Bridgehampton for the month of August for 400k. As a tremendous, TREMENDOUS fan of Jay-Z (I’ve been listening to him, Eminem, 50-Cent and Dr. Dre since high school) I figured that a little rap song would be in order.

The following lyrics below are to the new song I wrote called, “Big Rentin'”

You know I live ’em, rent ’em, love ’em, leave ’em ’cause I don’t really need ’em, drive to a new hood, keep ’em lookin good, but I don’t seem to buy ’em

First time they fuss I’m callin’, sayin’ ’bout, why’s my pool broken? I’m a renter in every sense of the word fool, better to rent for the season.

In the Sandcastle‘s where I’m rentin’, then I take my pups, in my truck, to the beach where I’m pickin’ ’em up, let ’em play with a stick in the suf

Many realtors want Jigga to rush, have him split his bucks and buy just because you got a good house, I’m a rent now so you can be livin’ it up

Still I parts with nothin’, y’all be frontin’, me give my heart to the Hamptons not for nothin’, never happen I’ll be forever relaxin’, the ocean’s cold as Sarah Palin, I got no property taxes, I got no patience and I hate waitin’ for the right time to BU U UUUUUY, Check ’em out now BUY B-B-BBBUUUY BUY yea and let’s BUY BUUUUUUUY, check ’em out now, BUUUUUUY, yea.

We doin’, big rentin’ spending G’s, check ’em out now, big rentin’ on Bridgehampton seas, we doin’, big rentin’ up on Farrel’s street you know that Jigga Man, rent sea and H A M P.

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