Private Islands Go On Sale For Rich People To Buy, But The Rich That Own Them Already Have Them

I’ve never really understood the appeal of owning a private island other than telling your friends, “I own a private island,” when sitting at dinner.

But if you are super rich, isn’t the whole point to hang out in POPULATED areas where you can show off your super rich-ness? I digress. If you’re driving a Ferrari on a private island, who are you impressing? Alright damn it, I’d take a private island, I want it, I can’t afford it, so screw you I don’t want it.

But according to CNBC today, the super rich are apparently unloading their private islands and reducing prices on them drastically, but nobody is buying them because, well, all the rich people in the world that have ever wanted their own private island, sort of already have them.

Why the rich are trying to unload their private islands is anybody’s guess. My guess is they are doing it so they can buy a house in the Hamptons because they realize, where’s the fun in having your own private beach house when you can’t brag about it at Nick and Toni’s?

And let’s not forget the ultimate line that you can say in New York City when you are looking to pick up a future trophy wife, “Want to see my ocean front house in Southampton?”


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