Southampton House Is Torn Down And Rebuilt After No Room For Pool Was Realized

Eric and Margaret Friedberg had to tear down and rebuild from scratch their home in Southampton after they bought a Huntting Street property for $2.478 million. The new home was under construction after they realized and error. The New York Post reported that: 

“There was no back yard and no pool,” one worker said. “You’ve got to have the pool. This is why you measure twice and cut once. “The framing for the first floor was completed, and they had started the framing for the second floor and — oops — they found out about the mistake and had to take it all down, it’s a $100,000 to $150,000 mistake,” the worker said.

Not only did the new wood structure have to be dismantled, but the newly poured 45-by-45-foot foundation — made of tons of 10-inch-thick concrete and steel rebar — also had to be smashed and carted away, workers said.

Margaret Friedberg, a former government prosecutor, said she’s not making a federal case out of the blunder, “Mistakes happen. I love my architect and my builder. This was a surveyor’s problem,” she said, without elaborating.


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