Things I Like to Do in the Hamptons on a Rainy Day

It’s been a rainy weekend, but you know what? I think we needed it. There really is nothing better than sleeping in on a rainy day, but once you get up and out for the day, you end up asking yourself, “What is there to do?”

On a rainy day in the Hamptons however, there are a lot of things to do. Here are a couple of my top favorite things to do when it rains out here.

1. Get a late lunch at a  breakfast joint: Sitting inside of one of the many local breakfast places out here and reading the paper is a great way to escape the rain. You can grab a cup of coffee with some pancakes and do some people watching. The Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton is great for this, as well as Poxabogue in Sagaponack.

2. Go to the movies: I keep hearing from my readers to stop talking about the Batman movie. It’s just such an incredible movie and I can’t help it. The movies on a rainy day in the Hamptons is awesome. It’s a total event.

3. Go to one of the museums out here: Guild Hall, the Parrish Art Museum, the Whaling Museum in Sag Harbor, they are all fun to do when it rains.

4. Art Galleries: Cruising the art galleries that Hamptons is fun as all hell, even if you are just window shopping. You can probably say hello to me later at the Monika Olko Gallery in Sag Harbor.

5. Massage or Spa: For me, it’s always been Gurney’s, I grew up with the staff there, so it’s my go to place for this kind of thing, but there are countless places to go for a massage on the east end.

6. Go for a drive to the bays and watch the storm: Checking out a storm while parked at Albert’s landing in Amagansett and drinking coffee is the coolest thing ever.

7. Libraries: When it’s raining, the East Hampton library and the Southampton library are magical places. You are like Neo in the Matrix on a rainy day, you just download knowledge into your head.

8. Build a fort in your house. Okay I’m kidding, no I’m not really.

9. Surf: If you have a knack for surfing, there really is nothing more magical than sitting on a surfboard while out in the ocean in the middle of a hard rain. It’s incredible.

If you have any other suggestions out there let me know!

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