Dan’s Papers Kite Fly 2012 a Soaring Success

For anyone standing in the sands of Sagg Main Beach early on Sunday evening, it was a challenge to determine what was soaring higher—the countless kites in the air or the spirits of the hundreds of kite-flying fans from the South Fork, North Fork, NYC and beyond who’d gathered for the Dan’s Papers 40th Annual Kite Fly.

Taking part in a tradition dating back four decades, kids and grown-ups alike were caught up in a celebration of summer like no other. Smiles lit up the faces of everyone beneath a sky transformed into a moving mural of colors and shapes, as eagles and pandas with eye patches danced along with Disney princesses and dragnonflies on the summer wind. And what a wind it was, whipped up by some storm that was gracious enough to stay away during the festivities.

The sounds of the Jim Turner Band mixing with the crashing surf provided the perfect backdrop to the delighted squeals of children watching kites dip and dive up and down the beach. But we also loved listening to some of the joyful one-liners of the kids as they provided a running commentary and some kids-say-the-darnedest-things insights into the action taking place:

•“I thought I was going to get picked up in the air and fly all the way to Canada!”

•“Dad, you’ve been flying it long enough—let me have a try!”

•“Do you think we could make a kite out of a pizza?”

•“If I let go of my kite it will fly to outer space and I’ll win a prize for the kite that flies the highest.”

•“This is the best day ever!”

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. We’ll see you all next year at the 2013 Dan’s Papers Kite Fly!

Click here to see more photos from the Dan’s Papers 40th Annual Kite Fly.

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